Slant Tip Tweezer

Hand crafted in Italy, our tweezers have a rubberised satin finish to provide a comfortable grip while grooming the finest hairs. The slanted tips are stainless steel that is easy to clean & long lasting. Our tweezers are hand filed to a perfect angle at 23 degrees with a tolerance of 2.5mm to 2.8mm to provide professional accuracy in brow shaping.


Brow Palette 

This eyebrow palette comes with four colour eyebrow powders to custom blend the most natural brow colour. Forget the harsh lines of an eyebrow pencil that can look too heavy.

DUO Brow Brush

Fill in your brows with the small angle brush made of synthetic bristles, then brush to perfection with the spoolie side. The angled Alison Jade Eyebrow brush is perfect to fill-in arches with brow powder. It can slow be used to apply eyeliner. The spoolie end is great for grooming and blending products evenly for a natural look.

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