Top 3 tips for perfect lashes!

Want the secret to gorgeous lashes? Here are our favourite tips to keep them looking primed and perfect at all times!

Take care when removing makeup

Though it’s easy to get caught up in #lashlove and #lashenvy, your eyelashes do more than just look pretty! Your lashes are your eyes’ first line of defence, protecting them from dust, dirt and other small particles. Like the hair on your head, your lashes will fall out and regrow in cycles, though not taking care of your lashes, particularly when applying and removing makeup, can unnecessarily speed up this process.

Both your eyelash follicles and the skin around your eyes are delicate and sensitive, so be gentle when removing makeup! ALWAYS remove your makeup before going to bed as products left on overnight can cause your lashes to stiffen and, as a result, break easily.

Use quality products and check their use-by dates

The quality of the products you use will directly affect both their results and any lasting effects on your lashes. Waterproof mascara is often hard to remove, leading many people to be overly rough or use harsh products to remove it at the end of the night. Try an oil-based makeup remover to make things easier and only use waterproof mascara when necessary.

We love the Alison Jade Luxury Mascara for a 4-in-1 product that glides on smoothly and gives an extravagantly dramatic look! The Luxury Mascara curls, volumises, lengthens and locks your lashes in place thanks to the ergonomic brush that fits the contour of the eye and a strengthening formula, which protects and condition your lashes. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and paraben free!

Always check the use-by date of your makeup – everything has a shelf life! It is usually recommended you change over your mascara every two to three months to ensure you’re not risking bacteria growing and spreading.

Book in for a lash lift

Want to wake up with lashes that are ready to take on the world? A lash lift at Alison Jade combines a lash tint with a natural-looking curl to give the illusion of wearing good quality mascara 24/7. Each treatment takes roughly an hour and lasts for six to eight weeks! To book your appointment or for more information about lash lifts, contact the salon on (08) 9385 5539 or send us an email on


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