Makeup Trends for NYE 2021

Do you know the makeup trends for NYE 2021? If you’re organised, you’ve got your Christmas and NYE outfits sorted. Given most of us were in lockdown for 2020, it’s safe to say excitement is in the air for New Year’s Eve 2021.  

Cue makeup trends for NYE 2021. Whether you are doing your own makeup or have booked an appointment, screen shot and save these amazing looks to welcome in 2022.

Light Luminous Bases

Summer has arrived. Glowing bronzed skin will always be in fashion and on trend. No matter the skin type, illuminating your high points is key. A sheer glowing base is the antithesis to layered and powder-heavy Instagram makeup. The term “dolphin skin” was trending in 2021. It’s not matte, and not extremely dewy. Dolphin skin is almost a light blended shimmer throughout your base. No more strobing your cheekbones – it’s all about a blended look.

The key to achieving this look is moisturised skin and mixing a small amount of illuminator with your tinted moisturiser of foundation.

We love the Luminous Foundation. It’s a luminous, lightweight liquid foundation that blends seamlessly to mimic the natural textures of the skin for a healthy, dewy finish.

Don’t want to part with your current foundation? Mix a tiny bit of the Illuminating Lotion with your current tinted moisturiser or foundation for an illuminated base this NYE 2021.

Luminous Skin Trend 2021 | Hailey Bieber | Alison Jade

Disco Brows

If you’re on Tik Tok chances are you’ve come across Disco Brows. Megs Cahill coined the trend disco brows by applying a shimmering eyeshadow to her soap brows. Soap brows were HUGE in 2021 and still are. So, at the very least, if Disco Brows are a bit too extreme for you, invest in a good soap brow product. Though if there is any time to try Disco Brows, it’s NYE 2021. Have some fun and apply a silver glitter for a statement look. Or try a copper or metallic brown for a more subtle look — something that’s not too distant from your natural brow colour. 

The key to achieving this look it to apply your soap brow product, followed by your choice of shimmering eyeshadow. To avoid a blocked-out brow, apply a second coat of brow soap or clear brow gel and brush the shimmer pigment through the brows with your spoolie. 

We love the NEW Alison Jade Brow Freeze and Illuminating Powder for a subtle Disco Brows look. 

Disco Brow Trend | Megs Cahill | Alison Jade

Diffused Lips

This one is for all the ladies who don’t love a bold lip or aren’t wanting to touch up their lipstick throughout the night! A diffused lip is very similar to a lip stain. As opposed to a lip stain all over your lips, diffused lips have more colour concentrated on the inner part of your lip. The colour is then blended or “diffused” out to the outer edges of your lips.

Apply a tinted lip balm underneath your lipstick to keep your lips hydrated. Then choose any lip colour and grab a fluffy lip brush. Then buff the colour into your lips applying a lighter pressure by your lip line. The fluffy texture of the brush gives a diffused look to your lip colour application.

Want to have a play with different lip shades? Try our Liquid Lips.

Diffused Lip | Trend 2021 | Alison Jade

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