Jaw Highlighter is taking over Tik Tok

It’s clear jaw highlighter is the new trend taking over Tik Tok. You might be reading these words for the first time thinking what the… But hear us out.

We all want a snatched jawline, don’t we? Well, the jaw highlighter technique is your at home, non-surgical answer. Bella Hadid is amongst the many celebrities obsessed with this trend right now. In fact, you could say she started it. The model went viral last month after posting a handful of pictures from a friend's birthday party to Instagram. See Bella Hadid’s snatched jawline below.  

Bella Hadid | Jaw Highlighter | Tik Tok

Dior makeup artist, Jamie Coombes, explains why this technique has taken off. “Jaw highlighting helps to create the appearance of a sharp, sculpted jawline, using glassy light reflection,” explains Jamie. 

Ok Jamie, we’re listening...

Start by feeling your jawline first and then apply highlighter along the edge of the jaw bone,” advises Coombe. “Rounder face shapes should try adding this highlight effect to the cheekbone and up around the outer orbital bone of the eye, centre line of the nose and the Cupid’s bow, instead.”

Other tips for jaw highlighting

The key to trying this jaw highlighting technique is to avoid using products that deliver excessive shine. You don’t want to look like a disco ball. Jamie also advises that you should mattify the other areas of your face, such as the hollows of your cheeks for a more defined highlight. 

The makeup products you need for jaw highlighting

Given that Jamie is a makeup artist for Dior we will forgive him for promoting the Dior Natural Balm in Satin to get the look. Looking for an alternate to the Dior suggestion? We love our Alison Jade Illuminating Lotion. It give a luminous glow to all skins and you can mix it with your foundation.

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