European Summer Makeup Trends in 2022

The European instagram photos have already started flooding in - turquoise waters, mouth watering cocktails and selfies displaying the latest makeup trends in 2022. For those of you still in Australia, you may not be vibing with their sunkissed looks. It’s hard not to be jealous. But for those of you packing your bags, getting ready to jet set for the first time in a LONG time, here’s what you should be packing. Makeup wise that is.

The Summer 2022 Makeup Looks you need to get on board with - especially if you are on a boat in Croatia (we’re not jealous you are!)

Smudged eyeliner

Well the news keeps getting better because crisp eyeliner is not easy in the humidity. Hailey Bieber has declared it - smudged eyeliner is here for 2022. Lived in eyeliner or smudged eyeliner is trending. Try a coloured eyeliner for a fun daytime look - or use a kohl liner to outline the top and bottom lash line for a sultry eye look. Then don’t forget to blend and smudge with your makeup brush or Q-tip.

Hailey Bieber Smudged Liner Trends 2022 | Alison Jade Cosmetics Perth and Melbourne.jpg

Nude, Glossy Lips

Remember the Gym Lips Tik Tok trend here (LINK), well this Summer trend is here to stay. Glossy nude lips are your go to in Europe. *Adds to Cart Alison Jade Cream Liquid Lips

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Glossy Lips 2022 | Alison Jade Cosmetics Perth and Melbourne.jpg

Exaggerated Blush

Ahh Kylie Jenner has done it again. She’s gone viral with a photo of her wearing her blush old school - a rosy pink shade blended onto her temples and the very back point of her cheeks. It’s safe to say blush is back with avengence in 2022. Blush is a great way to get that naturally flushed look. Try our highly pigmented cheek palette for a beautiful buildable colour. 

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Exaggerated Blush Makeup Trends 2022 | Alison Jade Cosmetics Perth and Melbourne.jpg

The no makeup - makeup look

Hailey Bieber is displaying her skin - especially since the launch of Rhode (her new skincare line). The no makeup-makeup still reigns supreme in warm weather. It’s all about a dewy glow sans the full-coverage foundation. Instead grab a tinted moisturiser and Alison Jade Illuminating Cream.

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Glossy Lips Makeup Trends 2022 | Alison Jade Cosmetics Perth and Melbourne.jpg

Brushed Up Brows

The laminated brow look reigns supreme - especially on a Euro vacay. We don’t need to go into detail for this one as long as you’ve packed your Alison Jade Brow Fixx. The clear gel formula is flake-proof and lightweight, to bring a flexible hold and prolonged wear. 

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