When trying to achieve an all over bronze during winter, it is super important to remember less is more! You want to look beautiful, believable and glowing whilst wearing a tan. You don’t want to end up looking like a walking carrot! We love how Emma Watson has opted for a light, all over tan to help even out her skin tone and it has given her a beautiful all over glow. Jennifer Lawrence on the other hand has gone slightly too dark with her tan which has made her look overly bronzed in the face and upper body (and everybody can tell that she is wearing a spray tan!) This is why I always recommend sticking with a lighter shade of tan in winter to stay looking as natural as possible through the cooler months.

The same goes with your foundation colour through winter. When transitioning into the cooler months, your skin naturally lightens up because you’re no longer being exposed to the sun. You want to have a few shades of foundations in your makeup bag to ensure you have your skin covered all year round. Avoid the darker bronzers that you tend to use in summer, and stick with a beautiful blush to brighten up those cheekbones during winter. My favourite is the Alison Jade Baked Blushes to give you a pop of colour on your face. They are available for purchase online at alisonjade.com.au or in our Cottesloe salon!

Love Alison xx 

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